Power by The Hour PBH-1100 Speed Drive Alternator Relocation for N/A 5.0L Coyote

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Power by the Hour Performance Coyote Alternator relocation kit is the solution for the tight fit in your resto-mod coyote swap. The Coyote alternator is known to hit the frame rails on Classic Mustang, Bronco, F100, and Lincoln swaps, requiring the need to move the alternator so you can sit this Coyote into your subframe.

Included in the kit is the Alternator relocation bracket, Hardware, 2 Belt tensioners, and 2 Serpentine belts.

Fits all 11-21 Coyote Engines – Mustang and F-150

Requires the Use of a Mustang Alternator with Clutch-less pulley. Found only in the 11-17 AUTOMATIC GT cars. The use of the clutched pulley will result in a No-Charging scenario. We can sell you the correct pulley separately for $99.00 if using a Manual or Boss 302 Alternator kit.

Requires the use of  a Mustang GT Balancer which is a 6 Rib/ 6 Rib design. 2015+ Ford F150 engines received a 6 Rib / 4 Rib balance which would need to be swapped out for the Mustang style.

Requires the use of Ford’s Updated timing cover design from 2013-21. The Early 11-12 Timing covers had added bosses and grooves in the cover that interfere with this kit.

Some grinding of the factory timing cover is required for the alternator case to clear.



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We have a new version of our popular Coyote Swap engine bracket kit. This version is designed to just relocate the stock 11-up Mustang GT Coyote engine alternator to a higher position. Why would you want to do this? we have used it on several custom builds that include forward facing headers for turbo systems and for custom cars where the frame rails are really tight.

This is done by using our proven Coyote Engine Swap Alternator bracket along with some custom length belts. We move the stock alternator from the bottom driver side of the engine to the upper passenger side. Two belts are provided; one to drive the water pump and one to drive the alternator. Along with the belts you get both tensioners, ribbed pulley for the driver side tensioners, and idler pulley. Detailed instructions and hardware are included in the kit as well.

This in no way is a replacement for our current Accessory Drive Bracket kit, this is a custom variation designed to run just the alternator in a new location.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in


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