Ford 15-17 Gen 2 F-150 Crate Engine Auto/Manual

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Brand New 0 Mile Gen 2 F-150 Crate Engine. Outfitted with Mustang Timing Cover, and Mustang intake manifold with CMCV’s, Mustang oil filter housing, and a Modified New OEM Engine harness to work as plug and play with Ford Racing Gen 2 Control Pack – this is the solution if you do not want to use the visually ugly Gen 3 and avoid any additional hurdles or $$ to swap oil pans to try to make the Gen 3 fit where the Gen 2 did without a story.

This engine is 10:5:1 Compression, boasts 385HP and 387 TQ at the flywheel. Shares the same Forged Bottom end, and cylinder heads as a Mustang engine. With Headers, Air intake and Tuning, you can expect near identical power numbers. This is a great Engine for a Bronco or F100 Swap where High RPM or a Max Effort style engine is not required.

Engine comes complete intake to oil pan, with coil packs, spark plugs, fuel rails, engine harness for either Auto or Manual trans. Can upgrade to a Boss 302 or Gen 3 Intake Manifold if desired in place of the Gen 2 Mustang Manifold for an additional cost. Please specify at check out.


These Crate Engines Ship in 1-5 Business Days to your Residence or Business address via Truck Freight.


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Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in


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